Things to Consider When Searching for a Family-Friendly Home

The Floor Plan

It is important to consider what kind of floorplan would best suit your family. Many people tend to enjoy an open concept floor plan for entertaining and keeping an on on everyone. While an open-floor concept may be appealing, having the ability to close doors to certain areas of the house like the kitchen can help corral energetic toddlers.

The Floors

Flooring like wood or laminate is easier to clean when your kids spill. However, carpet is softer if your kids take a tumble. Consider the flooring situation in each room of the house. 

The Parking

When you have kids in tow, reliable parking that is easily accessible should be high on your priority list. This can help with carrying car seats and getting to the car efficiently. Additionally as your kids grow older, they may have a vehicle of their own. The number of available spaces can lead to inconveniences and new challenges as you grow.

The Stairs

Little ones love to climb up and down stairs. And while baby gates can make stairs safer, they can be cumbersome for adults. Hardwood and laminate staircases can leave you with hard edges and surfaces that can be troublesome for little ones. It may be worth considering cushier options like carpeted staircases.


Your kids have different bathing requirements and bathroom needs. Look for a home with a practical bathtub that will make bath time easier for you and fun for them. The number of bathrooms and locations of them in the house could be a problem as kids grow up and decide they need more time to get ready for the day. Have you squeezed into the washroom with 3 other kids simply trying to brush your teeth? Many of us have been there. It could be worth looking for double vanities to allow for a more efficient and functional use of space.