January 2022

Down Payments

Posted on Jan 17, 2022 in Buyer's Guide to Residential Real Estate

Every home buyer has their own unique financial situation. What works for one person may not work for the other. The most important thing to do is to talk to a professional. Start by finding a mortgage broker, assessing your funds and detailing what your home goals are. From there you will be able to find out what options will work best for you.


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Things To Think About Before Downsizing Your Home

Posted on Jan 07, 2022 in Seller's Guide to Residential Real Estate

Things to think about when trying to downsize your home
So, thinking it's time to downsize? Here are two categories to take into consideration when looking for a home that accommodates your current needs:

1. Home Factors

- Can you keep up with your current home maintenance?
- Can you repurpose a space in your current home?
- Is it a good time to sell in your area?
- How much are taxes and property insurance...

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Calgary: 2022 Housing Market Report

Posted on Jan 06, 2022 in Calgary

2022 Canadian Housing Market Data Infographic- Calgary, Alberta

RE/MAX's predictions for Calgary's Housing Market as we begin 2022.

"Confidence continues in Canadian real estate market, with the inter-provincial relocation trend likely to remain strong in 2022

  • Migration between provinces expected to continue in 2022, potentially impacting local Canadian real estate conditions, according to 53 per cent of RE/MAX b...

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